When hiring someone for a desired task, some people take one out of two approaches to their services: Retailer or restaurant. The retailer approach is when you pay and then they work. On the other hand, the restaurant approach has you ordering, them working, and then you paying afterwards. Louis takes the restaurant approach, which works best if you want to see results. He makes sure to contact you and report his progress in order to make sure that his work matches the vision that you have for your project. He does what he does with such drive and passion. He worked on my song, Friday Night (feat. Denise Barajas). When contacting both Denise and I, he did say that he had lost some of his hearing, but due to his actions and the quality of his mixing, he showed that he was not willing to back down from a challenge. At the time of writing this testimonial, the single version of Friday night is out. I mixed that one myself before meeting up with Louis. There will be an extended version of the song, which will be on my upcoming project, H-Streets on the beat volume one. That version will contain the amazing work that he has done. He truly has a bright future ahead of him.

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