Released: 28th June 2024

Sometimes the role of the Producer is to build a song up from scratch, while directing and guiding the Artist. You can be programming synths and beats and telling the Artist specifically what guitar lines to play, getting very hands on with the playing and construction of the song. Then, there are times where your job is just to direct the Artist: to tell them which guitar take to use, whether that vocal melody is the right one, and you’re letting the Artist largely figure out the parts and sounds. This latest single from Almost Unique falls in the middle of these two approaches, leaning towards the latter.

I played very little on this track. There are a few keyboard parts on there that I played, and the drums are programmed, but much of my role on this project was, as mentioned above, more of a directorial one, really focusing on the part Almost Unique was sending to me and deciding if they were the right parts, the correct vocal melodies, etc. As a Producer, you’re always paying close attention to these details, but in cases like this, where you’re not playing and programming parts and building up the song largely from scratch, you can give all your attention to the parts the Artist is providing.

Very excited for this song to be out there. Go give it a listen!

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