Here are the services I offer. Please note that I charge by the hour, and the final mix will be sent on receipt of payment. Please contact me for pricing information.
Note: if you use DistroKid to distribute your music, please add me as a Team Member to any tracks that we work on. We can negotiate the percentage.

Mixing Services

Send me the stems and a rough mix of your song, and I will mix it for you.
Please use this form to get in touch. Include a zip file of the stems and your rough mix, along with any notes you may have. If there are any effects, tones etc you absolutely want included as they appear in the rough mix, please include the relevant stems with these effects printed to them, as well as dry versions.

Production Services

If you have a song you’d like me to produce, I’d love to help out! Please use this form to get in touch. Please include a demo of your song, ideally played to a click track and include the BPM (beats per minute).
I will also mix the track as we work on the production.
If you wish to attend production sessions, we can do this via Zoom. Please state in your initial email if you would like this, and how many people you would like to join the sessions. When joining via Zoom, it is important that all participants join using a computer as the Zoom mobile apps do not always support stereo audio.