Liv Baker-Mendoza (Almost Unique)

Well well well, Louis Moorhouse, where do I even begin? Louis is an absolute dream to work with. He is very much a professional when it comes to work and has a great work ethic, but is also extremely easy to get a long with which makes communicating a lot easier. I’ve been very impressed with the results Louis and I have produced over several projects, with each one getting better and better. Having been the first producer I have worked with, he has set the bar high and I look forward to working with him on projects in the future. I would highly recommend Louis to anyone that is looking for someone brilliant to bring your ideas to life and get results.
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Luke Penning

I had the pleasure of working with Louis on the ‘Divide’ bastille collaboration project. He, was very easy to work with, was very eager to offer suggestions for what worked and what didn’t. Very quick to implement decisions. Louis, is a very talented producer. It’s the back and forth between us which I felt has made the production better as a result
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Grace Whitford

I worked with Louis on one of my songs exclusively via WhatsApp. He was really great at keeping me informed of everything he was doing and how long it was taking the entire time. He took on board everything I said and wanted to make it absolutely perfect for me. I’ll definitely be working with him again.
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