Liv Baker-Mendoza (Almost Unique)

Well well well, Louis Moorhouse, where do I even begin? Louis is an absolute dream to work with. He is very much a professional when it comes to work and has a great work ethic, but is also extremely easy to get a long with which makes communicating a lot easier. I’ve been very impressed with the results Louis and I have produced over several projects, with each one getting better and better. Having been the first producer I have worked with, he has set the bar high and I look forward to working with him on projects in the future. I would highly recommend Louis to anyone that is looking for someone brilliant to bring your ideas to life and get results.
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Luke Penning

I had the pleasure of working with Louis on the ‘Divide’ bastille collaboration project. He, was very easy to work with, was very eager to offer suggestions for what worked and what didn’t. Very quick to implement decisions. Louis, is a very talented producer. It’s the back and forth between us which I felt has made the production better as a result
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Grace Whitford

I worked with Louis on one of my songs exclusively via WhatsApp. He was really great at keeping me informed of everything he was doing and how long it was taking the entire time. He took on board everything I said and wanted to make it absolutely perfect for me. I’ll definitely be working with him again.
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Norah McWilliam

Chance encounters sometimes produce the best of life’s surprises. When I started working with Billy Lockwood at the Access All Areas Studios, I thought it would just be a matter of adding a few guitar chords to a voice line and that would satisfy my intention to record a couple of my songs. How wrong was I. On my way out morning Billy introduced me to Louis who was just arriving for drumming tuition and suggested we might work together. So it probably wasn’t by chance at all, as I now realise that there was no way Billy was going to let me settle for the basic idea I had in mind – and he clearly knew what Louis is capable of.

And so began a project that has drawn me into hearing music – and hearing my own songs – in an entirely new dimension. Louis has the amazing ability to use his keyboard and linked devices (I still don’t know what they’re called) to transform a basic melody into a full composition of multiple instruments and enhanced vocals. Not only does Louis have a keen instinct for what effects sound right, he never seems to lose focus. I’ve really appreciated his attention to small detail and his willingness to work on multiple takes for hours after each of our sessions.

Louis is a people person. He’s given me much more confidence in my songs and my voice. He pays careful attention to lyrics and the feel of each song and has a quiet, comfortable but assured way of suggesting improvements and new ideas. He’s doing more than produce my songs technically, he is most definitely a teacher and co-composer. I’m sure Louis is at the beginning of a great career and I feel extremely lucky to be working with him.


When hiring someone for a desired task, some people take one out of two approaches to their services: Retailer or restaurant. The retailer approach is when you pay and then they work. On the other hand, the restaurant approach has you ordering, them working, and then you paying afterwards. Louis takes the restaurant approach, which works best if you want to see results. He makes sure to contact you and report his progress in order to make sure that his work matches the vision that you have for your project. He does what he does with such drive and passion. He worked on my song, Friday Night (feat. Denise Barajas). When contacting both Denise and I, he did say that he had lost some of his hearing, but due to his actions and the quality of his mixing, he showed that he was not willing to back down from a challenge. At the time of writing this testimonial, the single version of Friday night is out. I mixed that one myself before meeting up with Louis. There will be an extended version of the song, which will be on my upcoming project, H-Streets on the beat volume one. That version will contain the amazing work that he has done. He truly has a bright future ahead of him.
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I’ve worked with Louis on a few songs now and all I can say is that he is immensely talented and is truly great fun to work with. He’s taught me plenty of tricks that have even shaped my production and mixing skills and his perfect pitch never ceases to amaze me. But I think the best part about his abilities is the fact that he can adapt to any genre style confidently. I really look forward to working on more with him and creating further songs!
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Denise Barajas

I happened to meet Louis through a group on Whatsapp, where we answer questions on using Logic Pro. Actually, the very first and main reason I had even asked him to first mix one of my songs was because there was quite the misunderstanding about the audio quality of the same song, in which a friend assisted me in the mixing process, although it was a ‘rough mix,’ to which this was also announced. I quickly made contact with him on what he could do to help me improve the song until the final stage to the point of eventual release as one of my singles. Work for the music began almost the very next day when I first sent it.

He corrected and sent every single project back to me with the corrections as audio files and in 3 days, he had a final mix. On top of that, he even mastered it. I told him absolutely nothing as to how I had originally envisioned the song, but he quickly worked and this turned out to be a very wonderful masterpiece that I cannot stop listening to.

Another friend of mine has been recommended to his services, and we both cannot stop talking about his absolutely amazing dedication and passion that he has for the art.
He certainly has our business for quite a while, and I would certainly highly highly recommend him, as he does a superb job at this amazing painstaking craft.
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I have been working on my new EP Destination with musician Andre Louis (Onj). Andre highly recommended Louis for his mixing skills and great personality. I was not disappointed! Its been a personal journey and a great experience working with Louis. I would recommend him as he is able to communicate his understanding of the mix process with honesty, openness and the ability to work under pressure. 4 tracks in Two weeks! Thank you Louis for taking the time to work with me and my music.
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Alfie Underwood

I didn’t know what to expect before working with Louis as this was my first experience working with a music producer, however he made me feel really welcome and I hope all future experiences with sound engineers will be as pleasant. He gave helpful insight into the arrangement of my song without it feeling he was trying to take the reins of the project.
Here is how the finished outcome came out, I am over the moon with it and can’t wait to work with Louis in the future.
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