I happened to meet Louis through a group on Whatsapp, where we answer questions on using Logic Pro. Actually, the very first and main reason I had even asked him to first mix one of my songs was because there was quite the misunderstanding about the audio quality of the same song, in which a friend assisted me in the mixing process, although it was a ‘rough mix,’ to which this was also announced. I quickly made contact with him on what he could do to help me improve the song until the final stage to the point of eventual release as one of my singles. Work for the music began almost the very next day when I first sent it.

He corrected and sent every single project back to me with the corrections as audio files and in 3 days, he had a final mix. On top of that, he even mastered it. I told him absolutely nothing as to how I had originally envisioned the song, but he quickly worked and this turned out to be a very wonderful masterpiece that I cannot stop listening to.

Another friend of mine has been recommended to his services, and we both cannot stop talking about his absolutely amazing dedication and passion that he has for the art.
He certainly has our business for quite a while, and I would certainly highly highly recommend him, as he does a superb job at this amazing painstaking craft.

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