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Music Production

Music Production Music production is the process behind the creation of every music track in your library. It covers all phases in the creation of a song from writing to the final master. Music production is a practice that can form the basis of your creative workflow as a musician. £150 - £200per project Get in touch
1 July 2019 0

Audio Mixing

Audio Mixing Mixing music is the art of taking recorded tracks and blending them together to create a balanced sound. It’s the process in music production that makes your raw tracks into a coherent whole. Applying these processors musically is the key to creating a great sounding mix. £30per hour Get in touch
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Live Musician

Live Musician If you are in need of a Live Musician to bring a unique and dynamic sound to your finished track. I am a seasoned musician with experience of playing piano, keyboards and synthesizers. I am able to adapt to a variety of musical styles. £30per hour Get in touch
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Spoken Word

Spoken Word Spoken word audio, which includes podcasts, audiobooks, talk radio, news, and sports, has given a significant boost to spoken-word audio. Spoken word editing includes techniques to remove hesitation and breaths out of vocal tracks, and editing tracks down to more manageable lengths. £30per hour Get in touch
18 May 2018 0

Audio Editing

Audio Editing Audio editing is the process of altering recorded sound to create a desired effect. You may want to edit audio for many different reasons, such as to improve the quality of the recording, to remove unwanted noise or sounds, or to change the length or pitch of a particular audio clip. £30per hour Get in touch
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