21 October 2022Denise Barajas 13

Friday Night: H-Streets (feat. Denise Barajas)

Released: 21st October 2022 Up next, H-Streets dropped the latest single from his upcoming album, which is an extended version of his track Friday Night featuring Denise Barajas doing some more amazing keys work. Again, the highlight of this mix for me were the wonderful drum layers, which really make the different sections of the song pop. Having wor …

24 December 2021Divided Compass 9

Come On: Divided Compass

Released: 24th December 2021 Divided Compass is a collaboration between myself, Joshua Ulysses and Harry Sorrell. We all contribute to the production, writing, recording and mixing of tracks. Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/divided_compass Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DividedCompass/ Listen on Spotify:

30 October 2021Almost Unique 6

Sunrise: Almost Unique X Anne Wille (feat. Liv Elwood)

Released: 30th October 2021 This is a collaboration between myself, Almost Unique and some other very talented musicians. This was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed producing this track. It was very much a collaborative project, with recording taking place in various different locations and everything being done remotely, but we all love the end re …

20 December 2020Almost Unique 11

Wanna Feel Alive: Almost Unique

Released: 20th December 2020 Almost Unique dropped another single last month called “Wanna Feel Alive”. This track was a lot of fun to create, and there were some interesting challenges to face. As per usual, I was sent an acoustic guitar/vocal demo, and as soon as I listened to it I knew I wanted quite small sounding drums, but bigger sounds as the song went on. I achieved this by using one Battery kit through more or less the whole song, then in the second chorus I added a second Battery kit, and for the last chorus I added some acoustic drums from Abbey Road Modern Drummer. The tom fill that joins the different sections of the song together also came from Abbey Road Modern Drummer, with heavy treatment from flanging. Next came the piano intro, played with Alecia’s Keys, which I then continued to use throughout the song. This was quickly followed by two bass layers from Sylenth1, and then a pad from FM8. I then happened to be flicking through and messing around with some other sounds from FM8 and stumbled across the stab sound, which also features throughout the whole song. To help lift the chorus’s and add some variation I played the same part on two different synths, one being Sylenth1 (I like that one, can you tell?) and the other was Xpand!2. They’re very similar sounding, so playing the same part on both and panning them out and adding some pingpong delay provided a nice touch to the chorus’s. This done, I added some smaller parts, like the messed up brass stabs that play in the verses and the bridge, which I played using a stock Logic brass sound and heavily manipulating the audio, and a little synth part in the second verse from Massive. We then ran in to the issue of what to do to make the bridge sound interesting and different from the rest of the song. I decided to try making it completely different sounding, so I kept the pad from the rest of the song, but played a more intricate […]

23 September 2020Almost Unique 22

Break The Tie: Almost Unique

So off the back of the cover of “ Bastille – The Anchor “ me and Liv Baker-Mendoza started working on some of her original material. One of the first songs we worked on together was this track, Break The Tie. Originally it had a completely different vibe, almost like a country song, but that wasn’t quite what we were looking for, so we left …

1 June 2020Liv Baker-Mendoza 8

Ode To Distraction Tactics Film Club

Had loads of fun working on this. For those not in the know, Distraction Tactics is a thing that Dan Smith (singer from Bastille) started doing on Instagram. He picks a film, and the fans watch it during the next week, then Dan does a livestream where he talks about it, the fans comment and contribute to the discussion and there’s often a guest on w …

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