“Ode To Distraction Tactics Film Club”

Had loads of fun working on this.

For those not in the know, Distraction Tactics is a thing that Dan Smith (singer from Bastille) started doing on Instagram. He picks a film, and the fans watch it during the next week, then Dan does a livestream where he talks about it, the fans comment and contribute to the discussion and there’s often a guest on with Dan (virtually) to talk about the film etc.

Here’s a song to say thank you to Dan for creating Distraction Tactics.

This was Liv Baker-Mendoza idea, and I helped produce it, did some programming and also mixed and mastered.

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Bastille – The Anchor – Quarantine Edition

So, given that quarantine is a thing, some of us in the Bastille Stormers group on facebook decided to collaborate on a cover of a Bastille song, specifically The Anchor. Liv Baker-Mendoza (Guitars and bass) had the initial idea, and I offered to mix the project. As well as mixing, I also ended up doing some programming on the project, as well as mastering it. I play the Rhodes you hear throughout the whole song, which is first heard along with the lead vocal in the intro, and I also played the synth melody in the choruses, the strings at the end, a sub bass that plays throughout the whole song, and some additional brass parts in the bridge which are very heavily treated with effects.

Shoutouts to the other awesome musicians that were involved on this project:

Beth Goodchild: Drums

Joshua Ulysses: Vocals and backing vocals

Leah Knight: Vocals

Liv Elwood: Backing Vocals

Liv Baker-Mendoza: Guitars, bass and co-producer

Sam Hinch: Trumpet

And of course, written by Dan Smith, and originally performed by Bastille.

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Leeds College Of Music Tracks

This is a playlist of tracks recorded at Leeds College Of Music, featuring myself and many other extremely talented musicians. Most of these tracks are from the Write, Record and Perform course, held at LCoM during easter and summer holidays. I love this course. It genuinely does make you feel like you’re working in the real world, as if you were recording material for an album. Can’t recommend it highly enough.


It Must Be Love:


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Away With The Wind:


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Something Real:

Electric Piano (For the curious I believe it was a Nord Electro, with a Rhodes type sound. It’s quite hard to hear over all the guitars, but it’s there.)

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Our Truth:

Electric Piano (Same as in Something Real, only you can actually hear it on this one! You can hear it best in the intro, where it plays on its own for a while before the vocals come in.)

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Choose It:


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Don’t Drink:


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