Bastille – Divide (Stormers Collaboration Edition)

This project happened shortly after The Anchor – Quarantine Edition.

Luke Penning (AKA Sagittarius) approached me with this idea, and asked if I could co-produce and mix. I agreed, and Luke set about looking for vocalists. The whole idea behind this cover was to bring people together, and to promote the idea that, in these strange times, we should unite together, and not divide.

Again, all the people involved came from the Bastille Stormers Facebook group. Joshua Ulysses and Leah Knight, who had both sung lead vocals on The Anchor, were involved in this project as well, Leah once again doing some lead vocals while Josh handled the artwork. Luke also got Elfie D-Dieth, Verronika Brandauer and Mia Hovinga involved to do some vocals.

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, all the vocal recordings were done from their homes, so the quality of microphones varied, but we managed to work with what we had. Luke, who was working in Ableton Live, did some drum programming and also provided the pad you hear at the beginning of the song, along with a few other pads throughout the song.

For my part, I played piano on the song, and added a sub bass to help fill out the track. I also added some acoustic drum samples to Luke’s electronic drum sounds, making them sound more impactful and dramatic.

If you have any further questions about this project, feel free to ask via my social media links.

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