“Embrace” By Almost Unique

So Almost Unique just dropped her new single “Embrace”, which is another collaborative effort from Almost Unique (Liv Baker-Mendoza) and myself.

This one’s based off an old idea that Liv came up with in 2014 or 2015, and honestly we stayed pretty faithful to that initial demo. The lead synth sound was already in place, as were some of the drum samples, but this demo featured Liv playing bass guitar, rather than the bass synths we ended up using.

Liv only had a bounce down of this demo, and no longer had the project file (I believe the demo was made in Presonus’ Studio 1), so she had to go back in to Studio 1 and recreate the demo completely. Luckily, she remembered all the sounds she used, and having recreated the demo she sent me over the stems, which I then imported back in to Logic to start working on the track further.

I should mention that this demo only went as far as just before the first chorus, so once I’d added some other tracks to the stems Liv sent me, Liv began working on lyrics for the song, as well as writing a chorus, second verse and, later on, the outro.

Over the course of the production, much like Break The Tie the lyrics and production evolved and grew, the constant goal with this track was to create a something that had the vibe of Freya Ridings track “Love Is Fire” , something that was powerful and energetic and something that could be the first song in a live set.

I ended up using a lot of the original parts that Liv sent, in some cases using Logic’s built-in drum replacement tool to trigger other drum samples. This way I was able to use the parts she had programmed and sent to me, but with my samples as well as hers. The kick drum, for example, ended up being a blend of her original kick sound, plus an electronic kick sound from Logic.

Again, like Break The Tie, I plan on doing a breakdown video of this song, so stay tuned for that.

If you missed the Break The Tie video you can watch it here

Check out the track below:

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